Shape Robotics

As STEAM education evolves, EdTech solutions are quickly becoming the future of classroom learning. Shape Robotics are bridging this gap with the Fable Robot, an easy-to-assemble educational robot that can be programmed by students to foster creativity, encourage innovation & teach critical problem-solving skills inside through simple to complex coding lesson plans.

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K-Cloud™ + Samsung Kiosk

K-Cloud™, a powerful all-in-one solution that is driving the self-service revolution within Quick Service Restaurants and beyond. A comprehensive, user-intuitive platform, K-Cloud™ optimises instore operations by streamlining the customer experience with a convenient, efficient and personalized self-service journey. Handy AV have created seamless integrations between K-Cloud™ and the innovative Samsung Kiosk.

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Create dynamic digital experiences with our extensive range of award-winning LED displays and bring your brand to life with engaging content. Deliver an impactful solution with our durable indoor and outdoor HandyLED™ Video Walls and bespoke-built LED Displays.

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Bespoke Displays

Display solutions are a key driver for enhancing the seamless
experience of customers. With digital display solutions, retailers can improve a customer's entire shopping journey from capturing attraction to providing real-time promotion. This new technology will enhance the customer's satisfaction bringing them back to the store for future shopping. Displays can also be applied to many other sectors such as Education, Corporate offices, Hospitality, QSR's and Sports to name a few.

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